2018 14th Symposium on Neural Networks and Applications (NEUREL)

By following 28 years tradition of NEUREL symposia, the NEUREL 2018 will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, in November, 20-21, 2018. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, and educational, scientific, historical, cultural, commercial, and industrial center of Serbia. Located at the place where the Sava River joins the blue Danube on its way to the Black sea, Belgrade is well-known as the famous entertainment center of the South-East Europe.

The NEUREL Symposia started in 1990, as biennial scientific meetings and they cover all aspects of artificial neural networks (NNs) and fuzzy systems, from their theoretical foundations to applications.

The main topics of NEUREL 2018, including but not limited to the following technical areas, are:

1. Algorithms and models

1.1 Learning methods

1.2 Cognitive sciences

1.3 Genetic algorithms

1.4 Deep and machine learning

1.5 Computational neuroscience

1.6 Bayesian models

1.7 Fuzzy systems

1.8 Bio-inspired systems

1.9 Complex systems and chaos

1.10 Fractals and multifractals

2. Realizations

2.1 Feedforward networks

2.2 Recurrent neural networks

2.3 Self-organizing networks

2.4 Cellular neural networks

2.5 Sensor networks and remote sensing

2.6 Molecular and quantum computing

2.7 Fuzzy neural networks

2.8 Optoelectronic neural networks

2.9 Implementations in mobile devices

2.10 Brain-machine interfaces

3. Applications

3.1 Signal and image processing

3.2 Robotics and control systems

3.3 Measurement and intelligent devices

3.4 Data, text, multimedia mining

3.5 Communications and multimedia

3.6 Feature extraction and retrieval

3.7 Pattern recognition and classification

3.8 Bioinformatics and medical diagnosis

3.9 Time series forecasting

3.10 Power systems control

The symposium also welcomes contributions in statistical learning algorithms, text-web analysis, biological and machine vision, and man-machine interfaces. Topics in speech, image and signal processing, classification, big data and process control, which are not strictly related to NNs, are of interest too.

The first NEUREL Seminar started in December 1990, as a result of enthusiastic work of several professors, particularly of our late professor Rajko Tomovic (1919-2001), who recognized the power of neural networks in solving different complex problems without the need for special purpose algorithms. Just after this event, the Civil War in former Yugoslavia stopped many intellectual, cultural and scientific activities. Surprisingly, despite the disintegration of former Yugoslavia, NEUREL events survived: the second NEUREL was held in winter 1992/93 under an enormous inflation in Yugoslavia, as a series of lectures offered from Saturday-to-Saturday, and organized by our late professor Mirko Milic (1932-1993). The third NEUREL was held in September 1995, following the main intentions of the first Seminar. Next NEURELs (in 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012) were organized by the IEEE Yugoslavia Section (now Serbia and Montenegro Section) and its SP/CAS and CI Chapter, and technically co-sponsored by several IEEE Societies (SP-S, CAS-S CI-S), as well as by the IEEE Region 8. Twelveth and thirteenth NEUREL (in 2014 and 2016) were organized by the IEEE Serbia and Montenegro (S&M) SP/CAS Joint Chapter, and IEEE S&M Section, with NEUREL 2016 being technically co-sponsored by IEEE Region 8.

14th NEUREL 2018 is organized by IEEE Serbia and Montenegro (S&M) SP/CAS Joint Chapter, and IEEE S&M Section, in cooperation with the Innovation Center and the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, and Telecommunications Society, Serbia, partially supported by Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development


November 20 - 21, 2018

SAVA Center

Milentija Popovića 9

11070, Belgrade, Serbia


Email: neurel@etf.rs

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